For those looking for the ultimate African safari, nothing can beat walking. The critical component, however, is the guide who makes the difference between an okay experience and an exceptional one. Having travelled with Kaz Dube, I can easily say he is a guide who will give you an outstanding safari. The slogan of his company is “stalking and approaching wildlife to capture photos and memories” which is exactly what we did the first afternoon we headed out with Kaz, creeping up on a pack of wild dogs, and then sitting amongst them for half an hour. On foot, it’s not just about the big things. The little things are just as fascinating, and Kaz is a fount of knowledge on everything you will discover in the bush. Not satisfied with just pointing things out and telling you what they are, Kaz makes you think about them and as a result, you come away knowing so much. As well as being hugely knowledgeable and highly experienced, Kaz is a lovely person with whom you will enjoy spending time. No detail is too small – he thinks of everything to make sure your experience is a memorable one. After many safaris in Africa, both in vehicles and on foot, Kaz definitely provided an unforgettable walking safari that rates amongst our highlights.

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