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OBSERVE WILDLIFE is a Safari guide-owned operation that focuses on guiding personalized, exclusive, private and family safaris for small groups of not less than 4 but not more than 8 persons to observe wildlife inside the World renowned Hwange National Park. The Award-winning and highly rated Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube, conducts all the safaris. We subscribe to the notion that the value of a true low impact safari is to leave no trace on the environment. We have found that the lowest impact is best accomplished by not putting any permanent infrastructure in pristine wilderness areas. This is why we operate a lightweight low footprint seasonal Meru-style tented camp that maintains and perpetuates a wilderness area to remain truly wild. We focus passionately on wildlife immersion, remoteness, exclusivity and the experience to observe and photograph wildlife which is worth more than luxurious bells and whistles.


The difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary safari is Kaz Dube. With Kaz Dube, you meet a top Professional Guide who is deeply knowledgeable, enthusiastic, curios, passionate, confident, optimistic, spontaneous, inspirational and gets out of his comfort zone to create an awe-inspiring guided wildlife safari for you and yours. Kaz Dube’s greatest trait enjoyed by all his guests on safari is the captivating interpretation of wildlife behavior being observed. The epitome of Kaz Dube’s dynamic safari guiding is the simple but entertaining manner of sharing intricate information about wildlife. Expect to learn a lot about wildlife from Kaz Dube.




OBSERVE WILDLIFE guides you on a quintessential safari where you are immersed to observe the fascinating natural selection behavioral processes in wildlife. The Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube, interprets in real life the Age-old theme of the hunter and the hunted while you observe breathtaking wildlife survival activities on display. You will observe the stunning dominance combats and masses of wildlife in this great magical savanna known as Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. We want you to observe the heartbeat of Africa that is, our wildlife. Guided daily game-drives and walking safaris are the lifeblood of OBSERVE WILDLIFE.


Busy schedules and scattered lives that fill up most days throughout the year often make it difficult for families to spend quality time together. Putting aside the typical day-to-day commitments and responsibilities to be present for each other on a wildlife safari trip conducted in Africa is the best way to bond and become a closer family unit. Make lasting memories as you collaborate together on a family safari. Deepen and foster robust multi-generational connections as you observe wildlife. Create lifelong memories beginning before the safari while the family talks and plans the safari. A family safari is important, meaningful and beneficial because it incorporates everyone and all ages. A safari with OBSERVE WILDLIFE seeks to help your family to develop life skills together in empathy, patience, compromise, thought organization and empowering each other. Daily dinner family debriefs on safari after our activities to observe wildlife will perpetuate bonding, brings validation and active engagement.


OBSERVE WILDLIFE offers a game drives safari for you to enjoy a perfect multi-generational family bonding time. This is a superb opportunity for a family comprising grandparents, children and grandchildren to spend quality time together immersing in the pristine wildlife inside Hwange National Park. Great stories are told, memories are created and it is a unique family reunion spent sharing spectacular wildlife sightings in a secluded and exclusive camp. The experience is personalized and enhanced by exceptional safari guiding conducted by our top Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube. A game-drives safari points to the fact that perhaps the grandparents or grandchildren may be unable to participate in walking safaris for various reasons hence the focus on game-drives to observe spectacular wildlife.


OBSERVE WILDLIFE conducts passionate and informative walking safaris which will get you into close-up positions to observe, smell, listen, photograph and enjoy wildlife up close and personal inside Hwange National Park. Walking safaris are combined with game drives and, often they are simply interactive walking approaches towards high profile mammals that include elephant, buffalo, lion, cheetah, painted dogs and hyenas. During the walking safaris to observe wildlife, the Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube shares meaningful interpretation of the behavior and survival traits of the diverse mammals, birds and plants encountered on safari. You’ll be guided to walk, approach and observe high profile wildlife on foot. A walking safari is the purest form of activity to observe wildlife up close and releases you from the constraints of a vehicle. The inborn astuteness and acuteness of wild animal senses needed for their survival in the wilderness requires for great skillfulness and awareness from the Wildlife Safari Guide to steer inquisitive tourists into safe, close-up positions to observe wildlife. Walking safaris are a privilege to go deeper into the untamed wilderness and explore secrets of wildlife.


OBSERVE WILDLIFE will conduct a masterclass safari for you to observe wildlife inside the pristine environment of Hwange National Park. The aim of OBSERVE WILDLIFE is to guide, reveal and expose the intricate natural wildlife interactions inside Hwange National Park. You will spend considerable time with each particular mammal specie and the Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube will share an increased amount of information about the animal being observed so as to greatly enhance the wildlife experience.


The interaction of animals with the environment in which they function produces the all important wildlife behavior. Without animals, no behavior is possible or available to observe. Without an environment which provides the stimulation and the context, no behavioral response can be displayed and observed. The pristine Hwange National Park provides us the environment which is the stimulus. The 400 bird species and 100 mammal species naturally domiciled inside Hwange National Park are the safari protagonists that need the stimulation. A safari with OBSERVE WILDLIFE seeks to connect and immerse you into the awe-inspiring response to the environment by the animals. Your Wildlife Safari Guide, Kaz Dube is committed and extremely passionate about enhancing your wildlife experience by sharing intense and extensive information while you are guided to interact with and observe wildlife.


LOCATION GPS COORDINATES: 35K 0508523 | 7903005

The KENNEDY SAFARI CAMP is tucked under an overstory or canopy of a distinctive forest of the protein-rich acacia known as the Camel Thorn (Acacia erioloba) alongside the dense and impressive Zambezi Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga). The camp lies seven hundred metres from the famous KENNEDY 2 watering hole which is well-known for its massive congregation of a diverse wildlife jostling for a drink to quench their thirst. OBSERVE WILDLIFE has got traversing rights throughout Hwange National Park with easy access to flagship wildlife dominated watering holes such as Mbiza pan, Ngwehla pan, Kennedy 1 pan, Makwa pan, Nyamandhlovu pan and the list is endless. We have access to 15-kms of a vast forest around our KENNEDY SAFARI CAMP packed with elephants and a wide range of mammal species. The area is home to a territorial pride of thirty-five lions. For an avid adventurer this is perfect for walking safaris and game-drives to observe and photograph wildlife.


Our KENNEDY SAFARI CAMP is named after the KENNEDY 2 watering hole. When Zimbabwe then Southern Rhodesia was under British rule, Sir JOHN NOBLE KENNEDY was appointed the Governor of Southern Rhodesia by the Queen of England from 1947 to 1953 during which time the KENNEDY 1 & 2 watering holes where named after him for his involvement in the conservation of wildlife in Hwange National Park which is formerly known as the Wankie Game Reserve since its establishment in 1928 by its Founder Mr. Ted Davison.


We have designed a traditional, authentic and timeless wildlife experience akin of yesteryear explorers. We have made sure to avoid crowds and eliminate unnecessary artificial opulence so as to create a raw, rustic comfort safari camp exuberating a thrilling adventure with a focus to observe wildlife. We have gone for remoteness, space, purity and the uninhibited natural beauty. EXCLUSIVE: the whole intimate, boutique 8-bed Meru-style tented camp belongs to you, your friends and family during the safari. PERSONALIZED: we focus on your specific wildlife interests narrowing every detail to your expectation. UNSURPASSED GUIDING: Kaz Dube is a highly experienced and passionate Wildlife Safari Guide. You will learn a lot about wildlife being observed with information delivered in a simple but entertaining manner.



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